Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've won, I've won!

I guess you could say I won. Well, at least I've been given an award. But I also have to do something. So, really I haven't won anything, have I? I just have to do something because Jane disguised it as an award. Very tricky, that woman. And she didn't even award it to me first! She awarded it to Kat. I guess that's because she's such a diva and I'm not.

Anyway, here's what I'm supposed to do and then I'll "award" 6 others with the same thingy:

List 6 things that I love then pass the award onto (along with the rules) 6 blogs that I love!

Here goes (would be easier if I could list 6 things that I hate, but we're not going to be negative today, now are we June?)

  1. Ward, Wally & the Beaver (does that count as 3? this is gonna be easier than I thought) Seriously everyone else didn't name their family. They said besides their family....., or obviously their family...., etc. I'm not going to go that route. Besides giving me endless material to use for my blog, they really do complete my life. I could not imagine my life without any of them! (as of today that is. ask me tomorrow, that could change......they are all males, you know)

  2. Food - I love all things food! Cooking, trying recipes, looking at recipes, buying cooking magazines, looking at cooking blogs, watching cooking shows, wishing I got paid to cook, etc. I love touching it and shopping for it. I went to Trader Joe's for the first time and I think I touched everything in the store. Have you heard of Food Buzz? It's my drug of choice these days and I can't stop clicking on it!

  3. Sunday afternoon naps in my hammock. When the breeze is blowing and making the hammock swing, if you close your eyes it's almost like you're on vacation - except that you have to make dinner in about a half hour! Oh, and fold the laundry, but anyway.....

  4. Blogging. Love it, love it, love it! I have met some amazingly talented and funny women while blogging. And intelligent? Geez are they ever smart! If I can't find someone to pay me to cook for them, I'd love it if someone would pay me to read blogs! Then I could quite the lovely world of real estate and insurance.

  5. Thanksgiving. I mean food and family and I don't have to buy anyone a present! What could be better than that?

  6. This woman. She had me laughing so hard yesterday and crying today. Go read for yourself. You'll love her, too. You can't help but love her. She won't be here this Thanksgiving. She'll be off in Italy. Guess I'll have to take up the slack and drink her share of wine on Thanksgiving!
Ok, so now for the last part. Tagging 6 other "Kreativ" blogs that I love. If I've ever left a comment on your blog - consider yourself tagged and loved BY ME! Lucky you!


Jane! said...

Chica, I got the wine, scootch over in that hammock.

Erin said...

Two things, First I scrolled down and quickly looked to see if you metnioned sweet (and lucky)that you did. Second I was laughing with the hammock comment. Don't give the false impression that you make dinner in the "afternoon"'re lucky to get it done by bedtime. Anyway, wish I would be there for Thanksgiving too, boo hoo!!

Erin said...

mentioned...i meant mention

Jenn said...

ah...sunday afternoon naps...