Tuesday, December 16, 2008



Just plain overwhelmed......yup, that about sums it up!


Becca said...

Thinking about you. Hoping that all is well.

Pat said...

Ok take a deep breath, organize, and the reason I'm saying organize I figure with Christmas being so close with all the other stuff you are into feels like its closing in on you?? You remind me of my daughter ,with all the stuff the kids are into, work, home yes it can become over whelming. I'm not a good one for giving advice since I don't take my own. LOL Sometimes you just have to say NO I can't do all of these things, have a glass of wine and chill for a little bit. You try to take care of everybody including me!!! All the stuff you have going on you build me a blog spot!!! I love you for it, but I want you to take care of You. Hugs, Pat

Jeankfl said...

You need to learn that pesky little word that starts with "n"! But I know you'll never learn it!LOL I hope you slide into Christmas just like you did the scrapbook! Perfectly. You need to pray more...for helpers!!LOL I'm praying you make it through..

BBB said...

I feel your pain, my friend. One day, one minute at a time. You take care!


Lucky Wife said...

Tell me about it... I got some stupid brainy idea to MAKE gifts for my relatives... The clock is a ticking, laundry needs done, I STARTED my shopping yesterday. I am starting to panic. Just like I do every year.
Hang in there... everythign will fall into place.

Tracie said...

One day at a time. All I can manage is what has to be done today. I can't focus on tommorrow because then the hyperventilating starts. Hang in there - we're all there with you!!

Mayberry Magpie said...

Thank you for visiting Mayberry Magpie today!

The bread is complicated (I'll explain later), but the cheesecake is easy and I'll post the recipe on my website tonight.

As for the containers for the soup, I'm sorry I don't remember the brand name, but I bought them at Wal-Mart on the aisle they sell Glad plastic containers. I found these round plastic containers that each hold 2 cups liquid and have screw on lids and are spillproof. Before I found these, I was planning to quart size Mason jars.

I love the "dinner in a bag" idea. I came up with it last year, but my plans were thwarted when we had a house fire right before Christmas and spent a month in a hotel. I had planned to put the dinner in decorated paper gift bags, but then I found these jute tote bags on clearance at Ballard's (on-line) with free monogramming, so for $10 each it really dressed up the dinner gift idea. I may use this idea every year from now on and just search for new bags and try new soup and dessert recipes.

K said...

I've noticed a big drop in blog posting and comments in general (myself included).

So at least you're not along.

Good luck and I'm sure everything will work out okay.

Jane! said...

ditto, Junie.
take it easy!

Dolf Zigler said...

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