Tuesday, December 23, 2008

See June Lose It

Boys and girls, in this edition of June & Dick (aka Ward), we'll learn words like see, work, tree and unprepared. Sound it out, un-pre-pared. That's right boys and girls. Now let's get started and see how fun reading can be!

See the calendar?

See the date?

See how many days 'til Christmas?

See it's only two days?

Two, two, two.

See June work?

See her work all day?

Work, work, work.

See June work.

See the tree?

The tree with lights and no decorations?

See, see the tree!

See the tree?

The tree with no presents?

See, see the presentless tree.

See the car?

See the two, unwrapped presents in the trunk?

See, see the not enough, unwrapped presents?

Presents, presents, presents.

See the stores?

Stores, stores, stores.

See all the people?

See, see the people?

See June?

See June, on her lunch hour at the store?

The store with all the people?

See June hit that bitch lady with her cart?

Bad June.

Bad, bad June.

See June?

See June at work, blogging?

See June look at this and think she can do it?

Silly June.

Silly, silly, silly.

See the 14 lbs of sugar and umpteen pounds of flour and butter?

Flour and butter. Flour and butter.

See June make candy?

See June burn candy.

Burn, burn, burn.

See June start over?

See Dick off from work?

Off, off, off?

See Dick shopping?

No!! Dick does not shop.

See Dick?

See Dick wrapping presents?

Wrapping, wrapping, Wrapping.

Dick does not wrap!

See June?

See June's face?

Mad, mad, mad.

June is mad.

See June?

See June lose it?

Lose it, lose it, lose it?

See the wine?

Wine, wine, wine.

See June drink?

See June drink the wine?

Wine, wine, wine............

Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends. (I refuse to say Happy Holidays. I mean get a grip. If I offend you because I wish you something "happy" - then bite me. You can get me back by wishing me happywhateveryourthingisthatyoucelebrate, ok?)

Anyway........Hope everyone is safe, healthy and surrounded by people you love. Even if you want to kill those that you love, may you still be surrounded by them! And may you always have enough wine to drink..........Cheers!

How did she find the time? Raising three girls, working at Wyzees and sewing! You have made your girls their Christmas dresses, right? Kiss & hug those kids for me!


Jane! said...

I can't believe your husband is not helping!! What a shock! I think you must have picked the one obstinate man in the world, Junie!
Hang in there, chica. It's not worth a piece of your soul.
Okay, that was stupid advice but I'm trying to end this comment on a grownup note... in light of how it began!

K said...

Tis the season for stress and wanting to kill your husband I think.

Hope it all works out well in the end and you have a great holiday.

Merry Christmas!

Christa said...

I love the post script of "bite me" at the end the best! You're my kinda mama June. Now how's about passin' a cosmo and we'll head out after Christmas to get our nails done.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on my charity post.

The support of the blogger community has been overwhelming. woo hoo

Merry Christmas!

Christa at Giggle On

Tracie said...

Oh June! I'm to the "F-it" point. If if doesnt get done then it doesn't get done. No (new recipe) candy-fine, no-cookies-who needs those extra calories anyway, no presents-well maybe next year, nothing wrapped-just consider yourself lucky to have gotten a present.

I saw a sign in a gift shop that made me think of you and I want'ed to remember it to share with you, but sorry! It said something about "Wine a little" then in smaller letters said something else underneath and that's the part I can't remember.

The Gaelic Wife said...

Put a good spin on it - you have a tree and it's in the house! Just tell everyone you're going au naturel this year.

Dory said...

Merry Christmas SNJ. Don't sweat the small stuff. :o)

Mayberry Magpie said...

This post was a crack-up. Thanks for much-needed holiday, oops, Christmas levity.

And so glad you found perfect containers for the soup. I just love that my little idea spread!

Becca said...

Merry Christmas!

Have a glass or two or three of wine and celebrate the birth of Jesus and know that you have a roof over your head and family that loves you and if they want more, they can get off their collective butts and help you out, especially that husband of yours, I would find him a big ass lump of coal!!!

erin said...

Send me that picture!! I love that one. You know those were my favorite dresses..the choker and how the dress was long and almost touched the floor. You could feel the red dots raised up on the fabric. Oh, I wish I had those dresses.

Becca said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Trust me when I say that there is a whole lot more to us being on this vacation than just being in Hawaii. It has been a year. And 2009 has to be better. This is a reconnect trip. Whether someone realizes it yet or not. I think that it might take a really big stick. I hope not.

Shana said...

Merry Christmas not-so-JUNE!!!!

Vodka Mom said...

I hope you had a lovely, lovely Christmas!!

Tracie said...

Merry Christmas to my BF June!!

Lucky Wife said...

I wish I had wine, I have been at my in-laws for 8 days and counting... Yes 8 freakign days... I am about one "can't you stay once more day" away from being locked in a padded room... Going home tomorrow... THANK GAWD!

Pat said...

Since I am so late with my Christmas wishes I hope you had a great one and thanks for your comment to me during your busy scheldue. Also let me wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year to one of the sweetest gals I know. Love Ya. Hugs, Pat

Belle said...

I threatened to slit my husbands throat with my blunt nail file. And I was being merciful at the time....

Pat said...

Ok whats happening with you? You and Kat have not posted in a while, Checked on her too. Hope all is well. Hugs, Pat