Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Rant


Shit I don't necessarily want to deal with right now.....


1.  Daylight savings time - I'm all for it staying light out longer, but losing that hour?  And just when I get used to it we "fall" back.  Leave the time alone and stop fecking with it!


2.  The truck.  As in Wally's truck.  As in the truck that is supposed to take him back and forth to college for the next four years.  It's crapping out on us.  Every time we turn around, something needs to be fixed.  Not exactly what I want my son to be on the highway with.  Buy another vehicle?  Another car payment? Umm, no we're a one car payment at a time family.  We have less than a year to pay off our vehicle.  But this truck won't last another year.  Again, something I don't want to deal with right now.


3.  My dog is dying........the dog we have had for 14 years.  I know I need to take her and have her put down.  I can not put her in the car and take her to the vet.  I need to, but I can't.  That's selfish, I know.  The vet told us we wouldn't have her much longer.  But, she still wags her tail when you she sees you.  There's still life in her.  Oh geez.  This is going to kill Beaver.  They've grown up together. 


4.  I need to get my family to the post office and order passports.  Those passports are going to cost $400.  I don't have an "extra" $400 lying around.  Have to figure something out.  We are supposed to be going to Mexico for vacation.  You may be saying, "June, maybe you shouldn't be taking a vacation when you can't afford to purchase the passports."  To which I will respond, "GET OFF MY BACK PEOPLE"  You may remember I didn't get a vacation last year.  My bonus from work went to building a shop.  I NEED A VACATION.  Ok? 


5.  My sex life.  Or lack of one.  TMI, I know.  But, it's me.  Not him.  How many times a week/month/year is normal?  Because I'm pretty sure I'm not normal..............


Well, that about sums it up.  Five things I don't want to deal with right now.  But, since no one else is volunteering to take care of these things, I guess it's up to me to deal with.  Tomorrow though.  Not today. 


Tamara said...

OMG, you have been spying on my the heck?

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

yeah, no one mentions when you are all engaged and lovey dovey that from the day you say I DO, you will be the sole responsible party for anything and everything. Forever an ever amen

Kat said...

Sex life? Pffft - wait until you get to my age, then you can't even remember if your did or didn't - and then you can't remember if you give a shit if you did or didn't...

Pat said...

What Kat said!! LOL Don't worry about it. Go on the vacation and enjoy yourself and maybe you can relax and sex and maybe you will give a sh*t or not?? Its your vacation, who cares?
How did the shop turn out anyway?
You take care of June and the rest will work its way out. Keep the faith. Hugs, Pat

Tracie said...

1. I'm with Jane. I did not spring forward it was definatly a shove - asshole!

2. Repace Wally's truck with my car and keep the rest the same.

3. Sorry about your dog. That's a sucky place to be.

4. Explain vacation, cuz i'm not understanding that term.

5. sex, i'm definatly not normal, is one a year too much?

Jeankfl said...

Yeah, Kat, your age!! Wait.. then you can't even remember what it is!!LOL I hope things get better, Junie.. you deserve it better..

Krysta said...

2009 is seeming to be a strange year for everyone... go on your vacation you need it.

Jane! said...

Oh that's so sad about your dog. That is such a hard thing to do but you don't want them to suffer. I really do feel bad for you and the Beav.
The rest of it will all work out I'm sure. Except the sex life. What's sex again?

Kathleen said...

Ummm, is once a month or less normal? I doubt it.
As for Mexico, I went last summer and got drank fruity drinks from breakfast till be and still only had whoopies once. It was a very relaxing trip.
I personally drove my dog to the vet with my son and had him put to sleep. I SOBBED my eyes out, but I will do it again when it is time for my other puppies. Make someone go with you when you decided it is time, so they can drive you home.
I really think you know my life, because we also have the truck issue - with YEARS to pay on my car. It is enough to keep me awake at night tossing and turning. Thank goodness for red wine.

Bev said...

First off - I am so sorry about your dog. I just hate that part of pet ownership. It is just so hard because they ARE members of your family. I send you a big virtual hug.

About the sex thang....did you see Dr. Oz the other day on GMA?? I mean, talk about pressure! His recommendation for good health - THREE times a WEEK. THREE!! He says it will make you LIVE longer. I think he must live in some other universe because that's just ridiculous!! Arrgggghhhh!

Oh - and TAKE that vacay!! You need and deserve it.

Becca said...

Turning the clock ahead has been hard this year.

I hear you on the truck thing. We are almost done paying ours off. Waiting for stuff to go wrong with it.

I am sorry about your dog. It has to be so hard to say good bye. I pray you find peace.

Vacation, you know that I can't comment on that, so I won't.

Sex? I am squarely in middle age sex. I happens when it happens. Definitely less than when we got married. Such is life, I think.

Big hugs..

Bean Counter said...

Definately hear you on all of those. We have three teenage drivers, so, yeah...I hear you. We had to fork over $500 for passports last year. But they are good for 10 years! I don't know how that helps but that's what my husband kept saying. Read this and I think it will make you feel normal.

Jenn said...

Yuck--I hate when life piles up like that. Good luck plugging through it all. ;-)

tamilyn said...

Spring ahead-sucks
Vehicle repairs-suck
Saying goodbye to family friend-sucks
Sex-good when I can get it

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hate Mondays, too. And...Wow...a vacation that doesn't involve in-laws. Breathe...breathe. My vacations always involve either going to my in-laws or going with my in-laws. I'd get the passports just as a future plan.

Sex...I got a sleeping pill from my doc that really is an antidepressant. One of the bad side effects is sleepiness (which is why it's a bad side effect).
One of the RARE side effects is an increased libido. Great drug!

I'm so sorry about the dog. I understand and have been there before. Tell Beav that it's OK to cry. Animals are not just animals.

I'll be thinking about you.


big dog mompam said...

Sorry about the loss of your doggie. Big hugs to you. Been there myself recently and it's the hardest decision you'll ever make about the care of your animal. You aren't alone in that one. Go on the vacation, fix the truck, and sex? What's that? After 25 years of marriage, I've forgotten what that is . . .

Kat said...

Where the hell are you?