Friday, June 19, 2009

I can only imagine what 40 will bring

8:45 am this morning:
**Ring-ring** try to locate my cell phone in my purse.
Me: "Hello"
Friendly Hygienist: "June, did you forget me?"
Me: "Oh shit! I'll be right there!" Me thinking, sonofagun, I completely forgot!
I had been on the waiting list to have my teeth cleaned. I had to cancel my last appointment because I "forgot" and so they put me on the list to be called if someone canceled. They called me the night before, at 5:30, while I was at Hellmart. Told me they had an opening for 8:30 and asked me if I could make it. Of course I could. Hung up and thought I will never remember that. So, brilliant me decides to call my work and leave myself a voicemail. I call, leave message "Teeth cleaning 8:30 today". Get to work. Completely forget to check my voicemail so that I could remember the appointment that I knew I would forget.
I get to the dentist's office and they tell me I way too young to be forgetting these things. I explain how I even left myself a voicemail, so I would remember, and then forgot to check it!
Bring on 40. Maybe I should see if the old folks home has an opening or see if I can get in on one of those Alzheimers studies.
Seriously, not remembering something that was told to you 15 hours ago is pretty pitiful! Dontchya think?
Ok, so I survived graduation. Wally was so handsome. (Picture here to follow later)
I also survived vacation. (Picture here of me parasailing - to follow later) (Picture here of me ziplining - to follow later) (Picture of me dancing my booty off - to follow later)
My husband was also promoted when we returned. You are looking at reading the lady that is married to - get this! - the Chief of Police! Uh - huh! Get out! No seriously! I am. Shut up! I know, I can't believe it either. So now......well I gotta clean up my language, slow down when I'm driving and cut back on my copious consumption of boxed wine.......seriously though, I am so proud of him. (Picture of handsome husband here - to follow oh hell, here you go:

PS Disclaimer: pictures to follow if I can remember to get back here and remember to post them!