Friday, June 19, 2009

I can only imagine what 40 will bring

8:45 am this morning:
**Ring-ring** try to locate my cell phone in my purse.
Me: "Hello"
Friendly Hygienist: "June, did you forget me?"
Me: "Oh shit! I'll be right there!" Me thinking, sonofagun, I completely forgot!
I had been on the waiting list to have my teeth cleaned. I had to cancel my last appointment because I "forgot" and so they put me on the list to be called if someone canceled. They called me the night before, at 5:30, while I was at Hellmart. Told me they had an opening for 8:30 and asked me if I could make it. Of course I could. Hung up and thought I will never remember that. So, brilliant me decides to call my work and leave myself a voicemail. I call, leave message "Teeth cleaning 8:30 today". Get to work. Completely forget to check my voicemail so that I could remember the appointment that I knew I would forget.
I get to the dentist's office and they tell me I way too young to be forgetting these things. I explain how I even left myself a voicemail, so I would remember, and then forgot to check it!
Bring on 40. Maybe I should see if the old folks home has an opening or see if I can get in on one of those Alzheimers studies.
Seriously, not remembering something that was told to you 15 hours ago is pretty pitiful! Dontchya think?
Ok, so I survived graduation. Wally was so handsome. (Picture here to follow later)
I also survived vacation. (Picture here of me parasailing - to follow later) (Picture here of me ziplining - to follow later) (Picture of me dancing my booty off - to follow later)
My husband was also promoted when we returned. You are looking at reading the lady that is married to - get this! - the Chief of Police! Uh - huh! Get out! No seriously! I am. Shut up! I know, I can't believe it either. So now......well I gotta clean up my language, slow down when I'm driving and cut back on my copious consumption of boxed wine.......seriously though, I am so proud of him. (Picture of handsome husband here - to follow oh hell, here you go:

PS Disclaimer: pictures to follow if I can remember to get back here and remember to post them!


Tracie said...

If they got a room at the old folks home - book two, one for me!

PS you r a hottie! (& i'm not saying that in a creeper kinda thing either)

Shana said...

That is great. Congrats to hubby!!!!

Texas said...

CONGRATS!! You are very pretty. No, I'm not gay.

You really are just too busy to remember all this stuff. The reason I don't remember is because I AM old. What I do is make notes about remembering stuff and leave them in conspicous (can't spell that) places.

Next time I'm pulled over in C city, I will invoke my blog privs and say...I know the Chief of Police's wife, JUNE!

Not that I've ever been pulled over there, but you never know!

Glad you're back save and sound!


TexasMammie said...


Now, if I get pulled over in C town, I can say, "HEY! I know the Chief of Police's wife, JUNE!"
Not that I'm planning on it.

Glad you're back safe and sound!

BTW, you're quite attractive. No, I'm not "that way", I'm just older.

Ok, moving on....


TexasMammie said...

Didn't mean to do it twice.
Like I said, I'm old.

Bev said...

Well I'd tell you it gets better, but I would be lying. :) Congrats to the hubby!! Talk about being under the microscope. I love the new pic of you two. A lovely couple, you are!

Dory said...

Congratulations! You look fabulous and all ready for your vacay!

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

That is awesome! Congratulations to ya both ...

Kat said...

Trust me when I tell you this, you will never remember to come back and post those pictures. It's downhill from here girlfriend, straight downhill...

Jane! said...

The good news is that by the time you hit 50 people will get tired of complaining about your memory and leave you alone.

Becca said...

Yeah, it is all downhill from 40, sweetie, it is just the way that it is! And congrats to the hubs! And you are gorgeous!

Kat said...

I guess I was right again, still no pictures. Loser!