Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fill in the blanks.....


I have so much to tell you and so little time to say, I'm writing what I can and letting you fill in the blanks.


Beaver passed his driving test.  June has _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________!


The lovely ladies at the DMV would not accept the driving log that June, um, sorta "created".  Ward had to transfer the log on to the one the "nice" lady at the DMV gave him.


Ward was ___________________ and now he finally believes June when she says the people at the DMV are ________________.


Since Beaver has passed his driving test and there is less than a month left before Wally leaves for college, June is ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________!


Blankety, blankety, blankety, blankety, blankety, blank, blank, blank!!! 


Bev said...

Oh my! I am having a blast filling in the blanks!!

Thanks for giving me a little fun for the evening June.

Jenn said...

Ha! Ha! That was a clever idea.

Kat said...

1. started drinking heavily
2. f'ing irate
3. complete and total f'ing idiots
4. still drinking heavily and crying into her margarita

Dory said...

Ditto what Kat said :o)

Becca said...

You don't want to know what I am filling the blanks with, but I am glad that he got his license!

Tracie said...

ya what they said