Friday, August 14, 2009

My new mantra


Pink Naked Yoga Room.  Pink Naked Yoga Room.   PINK NAKED YOGA ROOM!!


I said this over and over in my head this morning - as I sat in the parking lot at work with tears running down my face.  It didn't help that Rob Thomas' "Here Diamonds" was playing.  As this starts playing...

Oh what the hell she said,
I just can't win for losing,
And she lays back down,
Man there's so many times,
I don't know what I'm doing,
Like I don't know now.

....and those tears just started rolling.  And then I thought "Pink Naked Yoga Room" and started to laugh.  So there I am, mascara running down my face and laughing.  My coworkers think I have truly, finally lost my mind!


Before you think, "Good God woman! Kids leave for college every day"  well, it's not just that.  If I only had to deal with that right now, I'd be shaky, but ok.  It's all the other day to day crap that's piled underneath that has to be dealt with too.'s just too much. 


So.....Pink Naked Yoga Room.   Pink Naked Yoga Room!


Kat said...

I'd rather have a dark, smoky, alcohol fueled, sleeping room myself.

It'll get better, swear it will. And if not, drink more wine...

~jill said...

boy1 left for college on wednesday morning....i cried. and then i had a chocolate shake and animal fries from in-n-out. and then i cried. and then he texted me about something funny on the road. and then i cried.

you'll be okay. hang in there!

Becca said...

I hope that it gets better, but please know that we are all now picturing you saying your new mantra!

Jane! said...

I have been meaning to ask how this went but didn't want to pick off any scabs.
How about being banished to the dr's waiting room?
It's okay, Junie, Home Depot is having a paint sale!