Thursday, October 8, 2009

AND so it goes....

To all of you, thank you for your comments.  I love you all more than boxed wine. And you know how much I love boxed wine.  In fact, if all of you lived a little closer, I think my dependency on boxed wine would lesson.  Ok, probably not.  But seriously, thank you.  I asked for funny, and really there isn't anything funny about diabetes.  I just didn't know what to do or say.  But, I appreciate your comments and I know my sister does too.  On a good note, Beautiful Daughter #1 tested her own blood sugar the other day.  They've even talked about going with an insulin pump once her dad comes back from Kuwait. She is trooping along just fine.  Her triplet sister though, is not.  Seems she's coming down with every ailment in the world.  I think she has ADD.  You know "Attention Deficit Disorder".  Only I think the deficit is in the fact that she isn't getting any attention.  Or at least "feels" like she isn't.  My sister is a terrific mother to all three of those kiddos. 
So.....again, thank you.

And now......we resume our regular programming in the Cleaver household.  Tomorrow is "Homecoming".  In more than one way.  Beaver will suit out for the varsity homecoming game tomorrow night and stand on the sidelines for the entire game - and we will be so proud of him!  (He's JV, so he actually plays on Saturday.)  AND, Wally is coming home!  It's been almost a month since I've seen him! So......Wally will get to see his brother play.  Several of Wally's friends are also coming home for the weekend.  The get together for the parents and the college kids, after the game, is at our house.  I took tomorrow off so I can get all of the appetizers ready.  Can not wait!  Have my son home. Have friends over.  Good food, hopefully, and good times.  AND, I ordered the obligatory corsage for the Cheerleader.

Yes, I think it is probably bigger than all 5'2" of her, but supposedly - the bigger the better!  I don't get the whole thing, but what do I know?  

And after this week........and having to cough up money for a new water heater, and an alternator for Beav's car, and a spray-in bedliner for Ward's truck - I mean it is hunting season and he has to hookup the camper and we don't want to scratch the bed of the truck, because after all, it is a TRUCK, again, I don't get it, but anyway - and possibly having to cough up money for a new hitch because the old hitch doesn't fit this type of pickup.  Ohdontgetmestarted........

After this week, I could use a little fun with my sons and my friends! Oh, and with Ward, of course!


Shana said...

I kind of thought that the picture was of a chandellier for a wedding.
My bad

Tracie said...

I'm so glad our town doesn't do that whole corsage thing! Sorry, but that thing is hidious!

Have a great time this weekend with your boys! I have the whole weekend OFF and it's a 3 day weekend to beat! (Bank holiday on Monday)I'm so excited - something bads gonna happen!

Nadine Hightower said...

And she's gonna wear it?? Willingly??

Oh what the hell! Why not?

Jane! said...

OMG! What the heck is that thing?!?!
Have you all been consorting with Texans, or what?!

Sorry I missed the whole post from last Friday and failed you miserably on providing anti-diabetic humor.

I wish the best for MotherHen and all her chicks. Thank God she is living in wine country!

Kat said...

YOU ORDERED THE MUM AND DIDN'T MAKE IT? You have just put us Mum Mothers to shame!!!! Now go see the one I MADE! GAH!

Enjoy the weekend!

Jenn said...

Ummm...that is NOT a corsage...IDK what it is, but definitely NOT a corsage!