Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow up Friday

Ok, so I've kinda let this blog go by the wayside.  It's been a combination of things.  Laziness, for one.  Busyness, for two.  I know.  How can you be busy and lazy?  Well, I get lazy because I'm so busy.  Understand? And boringness, for three.  Haven't really had much earth shattering news to post.  Or anything that is in true June form, that makes you sit back and say "Thank gawd that stuff happens to her and not me!"  Anyway.....I'm going to try real hard to post on Fridays.  Kind of a catch up day.  Think of it as a little "Fridays with June"  Something to look forward to. Yeah, right.  Anyway.

So......Beav and the Cheerleader?  It's over.  AND I still have a job.  She sent him a text.  A break-up text.  (Gah, what I would have given to be able to send a text, instead of having the awkward, breakup face-to-face like we did in the 80's!) Seems they make better friends than they do "friends", if that makes any sense.  But they are back to being friends, and my job is once again secure.  And Beaver doesn't seem to be too broken hearted about the whole thing. Can I get a collective "Whew" and a celebratory glass of wine, please?  Whew!   (Kinda wish she would have figured out the whole, "I like you better as friends, than a boyfriend" BEFORE I dropped $50 on that gawdawful corsage thingy!  AND KAT if you say one thing about it not being homemade, I may seriously come unglued and have to come and hunt you down with my hotglue gun.  The same hotglue gun I am forbidden to use.  Due to a lil mishap a few years ago.....we'll save that story for another Friday)

Last night was Beaver's last JV football game.  And what a game it was.  This was his first year.  So, he really didn't see a lot of playing time.  But last night?  Last night he was on fire.  They put him in on special teams and he had 5 tackles!  F-I-V-E!  All you heard from the announcer was, "And that was #4 on the tackle, Beaver Cleaver!"  Woooooo-hooooo!  Made a daddy proud.  Made a momma nervous, but proud.  I mean Beav doesn't weigh a whole heck of a lot and I was afraid he might get hurt!  It's been about 6 months since we've made a visit to the ER, and we're about due!  Anyway, isn't he handsome?  And tall?  When the heck did he get so tall?  He's only 15. 

 (to get the full effect of his "handsomeness" you might need to click on the pic to see it bigger! but don't forget to click the back button on your browser to come back and read the rest of this riveting post.  I'm too 'puter illiterate to figure out how to make it pop up in a new window, so that when you close the picture, you don't close the whole blog and then curse yourself like I do!)

And........see that little brown thing in my arms?  That sweet, little gob of goodness?  It's a puppy.  OUR new puppy!  Ward finally caved and agreed we could get another dog.  After we had to put our other dog down, I swore I would never get another.  But, as time has gone by and as our other dog, Sassy, has started to earn her name - as in tearing up the bathroom trash EVERY night - I've come to the conclusion that we needed another dog.  One, to keep Sass company and two, because I had a little empty place in my heart that only a puppy could fill.

Isn't she sweet?  And adorable?  Couldn't you just pick her up and nuzzle her?  Tell me what is sweeter than an 8-week old chocolate lab?  With floppy ears?  And yes, Jane, her paws do smell like Fritos!

This is Ward.  On the floor with Sassy. Trying to convince her that we still love her, too.  I'm no dog whisperer, but since Sassy won't even look at him, I'm pretty sure she isn't buying it!

Oh, oh, oh!  And I forgot the best part!  Beaver and Ward left to go deer hunting today!  They won't be home until Wednesday.  So, what's so good about that?  I'm off from work on Monday and Tuesday! I have the house to myself, and my dogs, until Wednesday.  No supper to cook.  No text to answer.  No forgotten items to run up to the high school during my lunch hour.  No store to run by to pick up items for supper that I forgot to get when I was just there the day before! What's a woman to do?  Hmmm?  Not sure. But I have plenty of wine chillin' while I figure it out. Oh, that and I do have to housetrain a puppy.  So, don't get all jealous.  It's not going to be ALL fun and games!
Wish me luck!
Til next Friday,


Tracie said...

Gosh and i was excited I had 2 hours home alone while everyone else went to the football game. Way to squash my hapiness by having to one up it by getting several days home alone! geesh!

Tracie said...

Oh & PS I hope your new cute adorable frito smelling puppy is naughtly ALL weekend! Just like mine!

Jenn said...

Cutie-pie puppy!
Glad your job survived the short-term relationship!;-)

Becca said...

What a cute puppy, and your son is a cutie too! Enjoy your quiet time! You deserve some down time!

Kat said...

I dare you to come chase me down with your glue gun but can NOT wait for that story, do I really have to wait until next Friday? I'm a little jealous of your alone time. I was really enjoying mine today which will end about 3:30 when Hubs gets home from work until I found out you get 4 f' days alone. Wench!

Jane! said...

Oh what a cutie! She is darling.
As for you Miss 4-day weekend alone, all I can say is... well I can't say it. Trust me tho, come Monday, I will be texting your slacker a$$.

Fifty freakin dollars for that monstrosity? Oy.