Monday, October 5, 2009


I took down Friday's post.  Seemed kind of petty after I got into work this morning and had this email from my sister.....

Okay, I had this long email ready to send yesterday and it didn't go through so I'll retry it again......
On Thursday, Beautiful Daughter #1 (BD1)  had a doctors appointment because she had been using the bathroom so often at school.  Her teacher wondered if she was trying to get out of class and when I asked her about it she said she "had to go"  so I told her to stop drinking so much water and she said she was just always thirsty.  So the doc did a urinalysis on her and her sugar was extremely high.  He had us go down to Pordenone (about 40 minutes away) and have blood work done.  Once there her blood sugar was almost 400 (normal is 70-120).  They did other tests and confirmed it was diabetes.

They admitted her and started her on an IV and insulin.  Over the next three days we talked with Dieticians, Doctors and Diabetic Counselors (the three D's!).  As you can imagine it was nerve wracking.  We have to get treatment off base and with Hubby being in Kuwait it was pretty stressful.  I had friends take the kids for the three days we were there and that was hard.  I HATE asking for help and felt totally helpless.  They wanted to keep us until Monday but told them I had to go home for my other kids, so we finally made it home Saturday night.

So, this is what we know.  80% of her pancreas is not working.  Her body is producing antibodies to stop the insulin production.  Her body was dumping the extra sugar in her urine to get rid of it and in turn she was thirsty and trying not to get dehydrated.  They say that it's a genetic cause, not her lifestyle or diet.  They want the other two triplets also tested (please pray this is negative).  They also feel good that we caught this early.  They said that usually in kids it's found later once the diabetes has done damage to something else in the body.  All of her other labs for her kidneys and liver look normal.

Currently she is taking insulin 4 times a day and we check her BS before meals, give her a dose of insulin and then about 2 hours later I recheck just to make sure they are okay.  By looking at her you would never guess she has a problem.  She has been a trooper through it all really understands this.  Her doctors have her on a pretty strict diet as well.

We go back on Wed for a follow up and make adjustments as needed.  She knows she will always have this and will always have to take insulin.  Hubby keeps asking what complications this may cause in the future for her and right now I don't want to know.  We will have that conversation with the doctors when Hubby gets back in January.  Right now we are just letting this sink in.  I can't think about what may or may not happen down the road, that's for another day. 

Okay, sorry this so short and to the point but I'm tired and already typed it once!!!  Also, I'm a bit pissed that all of you live so far away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We've had some great people help out but really when things like this happen you just want your FAMILY!!  Start applying for your work Visas and get your butts over here, PRONTO!

I'll update when I know something new.

For those of you that haven't been around the block with me for a while, E is my younger sister.  The one I refer to as "Motherhen".  She got that nickname from me because she is sometimes a little bossy and controlling.  Sometimes. But more than that, she is a fantastic mother to 8 year old triplets.  She's stationed in Italy, with her husband.  Her husband has been deployed to Kuwait until January.  So......she's on her own right now.  With three kids.  Once recently diagnosed with diabetes. Trying to handle all of this the best that she can.

We sort of have this defect in our family.  It happens when we have to ask for help.  There's something about needing help that makes you feel a little out of control.  Don't know why.  But anyway.......I need your help.  I need your stories.  Your funnies.  Anything you can contribute regarding juvenile diabetes.  Maybe you know someone.  Maybe you have something funny to add.  We could use funny right now.  I don't know how to "fix" this for her.  I don't know what to say.  And being so far away, makes this suck even more. 
So, spill it.  Give me everything you got.  Help me, help my sister.  And those of you that know her blog, go by and leave a little inspirational comment or a funny.  She can take it.  You do see her last paragraph?  She's still got funny.  And if you have humor, you can get through just about anything.........


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Well if her daughter is an 8yr old girl then she must know that Nick Jonas of the Disney Channel Jonas Brothers (insert girly squeals here)has type 1 diabeties. I woudl bet that he has SOMETHING out about it... even super famous teen idols get diabeties... they now have a kinship.

Becca said...

I don't have funny, but as a diabetic myself, I am rooting for her to live a healthy, fun filled life and not let this stop her one little bit.

Kat said...

I don't have funny either but I do have a friend who's daughter was diagnosed about the same age I believe. She is now almost 30, a mother and lives a very active and full life! Definitely not a life sentence, just a life alteration. Prayers to all of you!

Nadine Hightower said...

I'm tapped out. No funny.
My cousin deals with diabetes every day, he's 48. He's had it all his life. It can be managed.
She can still have a long full happy life. My cousin does.

I wish her and the rest of the children the best.

Tracie said...

Again, I have no funny either, but Tink has a boy in her class with diabeties, he has a pump and does pretty much what he wants. But i do feel horrible for her being over there all by herself - why doesn't she come home?

Shana said...

No one is feeling very funny at the moment. Me either.
Diabetes is very manageable. And truly, the whole family will learn better, balanced eating habits because of it.
It must be lonely for your sis. Tell her we are thinking of her.