Monday, November 23, 2009

Looking for some holiday spirit

I hate Mondays.  Except for when they are my Friday!  That's right.  Work today and then I am off for the rest of the week!  And Wally is home!  So.....let the holiday season begin!  We usually go to my Dad's for Thanksgiving.  It's about 3 hours from our home.  But, since Wally was coming home - and so were a lot of his friends from school - we decided not to leave our little town this year.  Ward's family was very excited that we were all going to stay for the holiday.  I even toyed with the idea of having Thanksgiving at our home.  But then thought "Nah".  I love them and all, in their own "special" way.  But when I've had enough quality time with them, it's nice to be able to get in the car and go home.  When it's at your home, well....?  You're kinda stuck until they're ready to leave! I realize that's not really being very Thanksgiving-y.  And I guess Karma decided to rear her ugly head and teach me a lesson.  My mother-in-law's father broke his hip and is in the hospital.  She's leaving to help her mom and spend time with her dad while he is in the hospital.  They'll be moving him to a retirement home when he's well enough to leave the hospital. So......looks like Thanksgiving will be at my house afterall! 


Seriously, I feel guilty for not wanting them there.  It's not that I don't want them there.  Gah, I sound awful.  It's that I would appreciate them helping out a little bit more. It's not all of them that cause me to make a beeline for the fridge at 11am for my favorite adult beverage!  Just some of them.  There's the nephew and brother-in-law that sit directly in front of the cheese platter and scarf the entire plate down in 3 minutes flat.  Not leaving so much as a cracker for the 18 other people that are there.  Or my sister-in-law - The Nurse.  The drug addicted nurse.  She'll have ingested enough painkillers to put her out of commission just in time so she doesn't have to help clean up.  How flippin' convenient! While I'm mashing the potatoes, slicing the ham and whipping the cream - do you think one of you could possibly set the table?  And after you're done stuffing your faces, rinse your dishes.  I'm not even asking for anyone to load the dishwasher, just clean up after yourselves. 


I thought MAYBE my Dad would come to my house, since we're not going there.  At least my bonus Mom would help. Heck no!  They going on a romantic weekend getaway.  Perfect!  All I want is some damned quality time, making Happy Thanksgiving memories with my family and that ain't gonna happen.  There are 51 other weeks in the year to have a romantic getaway.  Couldn't he spend just a little time with his oh-so-loving-sunny-dispositioned daughter?  Is that too much to ask? to the store after work today to pick up enough food to feed 24 people.  And enough wine to help that smile stay plastered on my face the! (geez, I am getting to be more and more like my mother everyday. wish you were here, Mom.)


Happy Thanksgiving all! 



PS  I do feel bad for having these feelings.  This is the time of year to be thankful for what we have and not focus on the faults of the in-laws.  And I do have so much to be thankful for. Wally and Beaver are outstanding boys.  Funny, smart and the loves of our lives.  Ward has worked so hard to get to where he is!  He is a great husband and even greater father.  A good example for our boys.  We are all healthy! 


If my husband's family ever found this blog....I would die!  But it's better to spew it all out here instead of telling them all to go to hell on Thanksgiving, right?  Tell me I'm right?  I'm not some awful, ungrateful bitch? Right? Well at least not that awful or ungrateful.  Bitch? Well, I imagine if they had a blog, there's would go something like this today:


Mom just called.  She's not going to be able to be here for Thanksgiving! Great! That means we have to go over to the bitch's house this year.  Won't that be fun?  Why does she have to be so uptight at Thanksgiving?  I mean if she didn't want us to eat the cheese and crackers, why'd she put them out for pete's sake? And who the hell cares about garlic whipped potatoes?  Why can't she just make the normal, lumpy ones that we all like?  And why the heck does she get so bent out shape if we're 45 minutes late?  Load the dishwasher?  Heck no.  Last time we put all 75 plates and 41 cups in there, she rearranged everything!  It all would have gotten cleaned just fine the way we had it stacked.  We were pretty proud for having fit all the dishes in ONE load! Drink another glass of wine and loosen' up, woman!