Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good-bye girl

There's something about waking up in the morning, walking in the kitchen and not seeing your dog sprawled out on the kitchen floor - tail raising up and down to greet you.  Something that tells you Wednesday isn't going to be much better than Tuesday. 

Goodbye girl.  We'll miss you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Rant


Shit I don't necessarily want to deal with right now.....


1.  Daylight savings time - I'm all for it staying light out longer, but losing that hour?  And just when I get used to it we "fall" back.  Leave the time alone and stop fecking with it!


2.  The truck.  As in Wally's truck.  As in the truck that is supposed to take him back and forth to college for the next four years.  It's crapping out on us.  Every time we turn around, something needs to be fixed.  Not exactly what I want my son to be on the highway with.  Buy another vehicle?  Another car payment? Umm, no we're a one car payment at a time family.  We have less than a year to pay off our vehicle.  But this truck won't last another year.  Again, something I don't want to deal with right now.


3.  My dog is dying........the dog we have had for 14 years.  I know I need to take her and have her put down.  I can not put her in the car and take her to the vet.  I need to, but I can't.  That's selfish, I know.  The vet told us we wouldn't have her much longer.  But, she still wags her tail when you she sees you.  There's still life in her.  Oh geez.  This is going to kill Beaver.  They've grown up together. 


4.  I need to get my family to the post office and order passports.  Those passports are going to cost $400.  I don't have an "extra" $400 lying around.  Have to figure something out.  We are supposed to be going to Mexico for vacation.  You may be saying, "June, maybe you shouldn't be taking a vacation when you can't afford to purchase the passports."  To which I will respond, "GET OFF MY BACK PEOPLE"  You may remember I didn't get a vacation last year.  My bonus from work went to building a shop.  I NEED A VACATION.  Ok? 


5.  My sex life.  Or lack of one.  TMI, I know.  But, it's me.  Not him.  How many times a week/month/year is normal?  Because I'm pretty sure I'm not normal..............


Well, that about sums it up.  Five things I don't want to deal with right now.  But, since no one else is volunteering to take care of these things, I guess it's up to me to deal with.  Tomorrow though.  Not today.