Monday, July 19, 2010

Numbers game

Ward has gone to interview AGAIN - for the big federal agency.  This is his 2nd time out there.  He didn't get hired on the 1st time.  They haven't filled that position yet.  But this time he is testing with 11 other people.  Of those 11, 5 already work there as temps and trying to get on full time.  There are 3 positions open.  You do the math.  I can't.  I just can't even think that he will go through this interviewing process twice, being completely qualified, and not get the job.   It'll kill whatever's left of his self esteem.  He's been notified that he's being "considered" for a 3rd position as well.  Which means another interview process.  But what else can you do?  You can't give up.  You have to keep going.  I never was a cheerleader, but I'm doing my best to keep him positive.  The whole government hiring process just sucks.  The guy that runs the center wants Ward, but he can't just hire him.  That's not how the government works. Ward has to apply, compete and then hopefully come out on top.  Then the head dog can hire him.  There's a whole point system that figures in too.  He gets so many points for being prior military.  But the points he is lacking are the one's the temps have.  So....he just has to hope he comes out on top during the other stages of the interview process.  I think they should give him bonus points for being married to June Cleaver all of these years.  I have a mind to call and tell them that, but we've already decided it's not a good idea to go "Kitty" on them. At least not while they are still in the "considering" phase of things!  Again, I find myself at a point in life that I just want to be past this part.  I want it to be a year from now.  Whatever is going to happen - is going to happen.  I want it to just happen so life can go on.  You know? 


And it's not like he'll even find out today, or tomorrow, or even next week if he has the position.  It takes for-ev-er and a day for them to fill the positions. So....more waiting, wondering, hoping and praying!


Bottoms up!




Tracie said...

Good luck! I'm not good in the patience department either espcially on the big things - like jobs - I just want to know & get it over with to move on. Now, we'll all be waiting with you!

Shana said...

Good luck to Ward