Friday, July 16, 2010

Random nonsense on a Friday

It's Friday....and I don't feel like working.  Got back from Vegas on Monday.  Went to work on Tuesday.  And after working on Tuesday, Wednesday and "kind of" on Thursday - I don't want to work today.  I blame it on Vegas.  I never should have gone.  It's not the place to be when you come from a family of drinkers.  Seriously, if there were an Olympic sport for drinking, my ancestors would have brought home gold, silver and bronze!  They drink all day - every day - in Vegas.  I felt the after effects on Tuesday when I was craving a red beer at 10 in the morning.  It's ok when you are in sin city...not so good when you are sitting at your desk dealing with a bitch of a customer!


Anyway...I have a confession to make.  We didn't really just say "screw it" and take off to Vegas without giving any thought to the impending $1,000/mo paycut we were facing.  I mean we took the trip.  But the 91 year old owner of the company I work for was the benefactor.  He called me in his office one day and said he had two free airline tickets that he would like to give to Ward and I.  (Disclaimer: It was on a regional carrier - so it wouldn't take me to Italy.  Just in case Motherhen is reading this.)   We took him up on his offer.  Then he called me in his office again and gave me a check to cover most of our expenses.  It made me cry.  He said he appreciated all that Ward had done for the city and was sorry for what they had done to him.  I've worked for this man for 14 years now and he never ceases to amaze me.  He still comes in to work everyday. He is kind, softened in his older years.  I didn't work here when he was younger, but I've heard he was tough!  So.....June didn't lose all of her pearls.  The trip was almost completely paid for! Although I do still have the screw it attitude!


We had a good time.  And now we're back to reality.  Back to Ward trying to find something to do daily - to keep busy.  To take his mind off of the fact that he's not working.  The tension is back.  The worrying is still nagging in the back of my mind.  It won't always be like this.  I know.  He has an interview on Monday and I am just hoping and praying that he gets this job.  It would be something that he would enjoy.....and way less stressful than the "other" job he had.  And if he doesn't, well, we'll just deal with it. 


I think my trans am is about to call it quits.  It's only 11 years old.  I'm not sure what that translates into in dog years.....but she's showing her age.  It takes a couple cranks on the key to get her to start up.  The oil pressure gauge jumps back and forth.  I'm just waiting for it blow!  The driver's seat has started to tear....exposing whatever that stuff is that they put it seats.  Whatever it is, it gets stuck to my shirt and looks like I've been eating Cap'n Crunch and saving some for later.  The passenger side is still dented where I whipped a little too quickly into a parking space and hit the hitch of one of those monstrous pick-up trucks.  Road hog!  And now the cover on the right headlight doesn't close properly.  Looks kind of like she's winking.  I think it's cute.  I'm sure Ward won't think it's too cute when I tell him some guy backed into me the other night in the pouring rain.  After we both got out and inspected - and found no damage - we both went on our ways.  It just looked like there was a little dirt on my bumper.  And being that's it's a tupperware bumper, it just wiped off.  No harm done.  Or, so I thought.  I got home that night.  Pulled into the garage and went into the house.  Came back out to the garage to do some laundry and noticed her winking at me!  Shit!  My lights had been on and I didn't realize he had come up that far over my bumper.  I didn't have his info either.  Oooooohhhhh!  Yeah!  I was involved in an accident.  I didn't notify the police.  AND I didn't exchange info with guy! Before you people start judging - it was in the p-o-u-r-i-n-g rain.  I was already late getting home after shopping for the trip and was trying to sneak a couple of pairs of shoes into the house before Ward noticed.  I had guilty written all over me.  He was not going to believe that I wasn't the one that caused the damage this time.  I was just the idiot that didn't want to get wet and figured everything was ok!!! So, I pushed down on the cover as hard as I could and went back in the house.  I'll deal with that later! People say that the condition of their closets, or their purses, directly relates the way their lives are going.  For me?  It's my car.  Rough around the edges.....showing the wear and tear!


I had actually gone shopping to find a bra.  A strapless bra.  I hate bra shopping.  I needed one that would at least put the twins back in the region that they were located in years ago - as opposed to sitting on top of my stomach.  It's a much more slimming look to have them perched a little higher!  Trust me.  After trying on 52.5 bras.....I settled on one that works pretty well.  I don't know when I went from a C cup to a D....but whatever.  I do not like to have any boob spillage going on, so that was the reason for the D. To make myself feel better after having to go up a cup size, I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes and bought a cute pair of brown sandals.  That didn't quite ease the pain.  So....I tried on another pair - and it was on clearance.  So, I bought those too!  I felt MUCH better.  I try to do my share to stimulate the economy whenever I can. 


I had to pay for Wally's apartment yesterday.  The same apartment that he will not be occupying for another month.  If it wasn't paid for, he would lose it.  So....instead I lost it.  Say bye-bye to $200!  But children, especially educated ones are just priceless.  Aren't they?  Please tell me they are! 


That about sums it up.  Wrecked my car, lied about being carefree, went to Vegas, came home, don't want to work, don't want to deal with Ward being retiredly unemployed, don't want to deal with the fact that I need to get some type of exercise back in my life and lastly don't want to deal with Wally leaving back to college - AND HAVING TO CREATIVELY BUDGET FOR IT! Who says we need to pay the electric bill and water in the same month?  Wally needs books dammit!  See?  I could have just said those 4 sentences instead of typing 6 paragraphs of mindless ramblings!  You missed me.  Didn't you?


Even if you didn't, pass a glass.....







Tracie said...

I missed you! and I soo need to post

Shana said...

Glad to read a post from you !!!!!!!

Nadine Hightower said...

OMG!!!! I drive a 12 year old Camaro!!! And it's showing its age too. The seat tore years ago becuz of Roy. He mounts her all wrong and ripped it!! The clear coat is peeling. Several things have had to be replaced...But I LOVE THAT CAR!! He told once he would trade it off if I didn't slow my happy ass down, "if I get called in for the way YOU drive, You are coming with me to the Chief's Office and I'm trading that car in on a Bug!!" Blah Blah Blah Pillar of the community blah blah, set an example, Blah blah blah...I just cried. Trade my car off!!!!
Oh how I cried. Facing the Chief didn't bother me so much but trade it off??? Oh hell no!!
That was sweet that your boss gave you such a gift. Wow!! And I'm glad you had a good time.

Becca said...

I am so glad that you posted, been thinking about you. Keep the faith, things have to start looking up for you. He is a good man and you are a good wife and mother!