Thursday, September 30, 2010

Al-Qaeda don't have shit on this....



I am living with a terrorist! How can something this sweet.....









do something like this?




Dazy the Shredder










See this shoe? The baby shoe my mom
saved for me in case I had a daughter.
Which I didn't....but still!













Well, the match to it, now looks like this!






A terrorist, I tell you!
Don't be fooled....she isn't really sleeping.
Just waiting for me to leave the house so
she can wreak her terroristic havoc on me!


(Is she laughing?  Is that her tongue sticking out?)





And while we're on the subject of terrorists......may I present to you the man that is teaching the men and women who will protect us from terrorists - Mr. Homeland Security 2010!  Yes, Ward started his new career.  Life is good!



Sorry, I can't show a view of him from the front.  You know, because he works for the feds and all.....
but trust me, he looked so cute in his little uniform! 
(Don't pay attention to the overgrown bush, Ward has been busy.  He'll be trimming that this weekend.)



Now where is may glass?




PS Yes, Susan, I am the one that takes the last box!!


Tracie said...

Oh we could share some stories, I got plenty about my little terrorist

Becca said...

Oh such a cute little terrorist!

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I wish I could post you a picture... Walmart has wine labels (in their card section) that say "Liquid Patience for REAL mom's". Please take no offense, but I instantly thought of you.

The Lady in Pearls said...

No offense taken! Love it!

bigdogmompam said...

Welcome to life with a lab. Rule #1 Everything needs to be above nose level. Rule #2 Things are much better after their 3rd birthday. Rule #3 You'll need lots of wine to cope with Rule #2. I promise it will be worth it!