Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day!


Guess what?  Go ahead...guess!  Yup, you guessed it!  How did you know?  Oh, Facebook! Isn't it exciting?  I am soooooooo excited.  And relieved.  And I can breathe now. Things are starting to look up for the Cleaver family. 


Now, would one of you come remove the I.V. of Franzia that I've had connected to me since May?  I don't think I'll be needing it anymore.  At least not until the next wave of hiccups hits the Cleaver household!




Nadine Hightower said...

Woooo Hooo!!!! Do the Happy Dance!!!

Tracie said...

So happy for you!!

Send the IV to me, I think I could use it

Becca said...

Doing the happy sofa dance here!