Thursday, December 16, 2010

S.O.S. PepperAnn S.O.S.!!!!!!!!

Help!  We are in serious need of help!  Seriously! No joke!  June's finally lost all of her marbles. Or grapes.  Or whatever it is that she had at one time.  We don't know what's happening to her.  She used to be much more put together.  She used to let us do things likes this:


We'd wait for her to get in the shower in the morning....and then move over to her side of the bed.  And RELAX!  Good gravy train that woman can toss and turn at night!  It's hard for us to get a good night's sleep. 
And now? Now?  She put a tree in the living room!  We know!  We told you she's losing it.  Not only that.....she put flashing lights all over the thing and hung toys from it that we aren't supposed to play with! Can you believe it?  She also put shiny ribbons all over boxes and do you know what else?  She absolutely l-o-s-e-s it when we drag one little box through the dog door and play with it in the yard!  Hello?  It's in our territory - the floor!  It's not like we jumped up on the counter and swiped it.  She's also talking under her breath - a lot!  Muttering something about Marley.  Who the heck is Marley? 

But this?  This is the last straw, PepperAnn!  WTH? WTH?  Who does this?  Oh my Dawg, this is so embarrassing!
IMG_1799 IMG_1798 IMG_1792
And of course, she did this to the Queen Bee herself!  Not so funny now, is it, precious?  We saw you smirking at us!

Bahahahawahhaaaaa!  You look ridiculous!

Please PepperAnn, we beg you!  Come and save us!  We can not take much more of this nonsense! 

Puhlease!!!!! Help!  Only you can save us!


Tracie said...

i think she lost it letting her dog post for her!! LOL L O V E the antlers!!

Nadine Hightower said...

too funny!!

Jane! said...

PepperAnn says that if you guys don't know enough to keep your hairy a$$e$ off the woman-side of the bed, then you deserve all the humiliation she can dish out.
Okay, she didn't really say that. I did.
Shoot, Junie, have you started up a kennel?

Becca said...

Dogs on the internet, whatever will we see next? ;-)

Shana said...