Wednesday, October 13, 2010



It's my phone week......need I say more?  Someday, someday....we'll hire an actual receptionist.  Until then - you get yours truly.  It has not been a good week.  So....I would ask that you refrain from calling and saying, "Um, ya, well I JUST missed a call from this number" and then want me to find out which of our employees just called you. 




And while we're on the subject of phones....let me share a little text between myself and Beaver....


Me:  "Son, I bought some more of that pepperoni bread for you for after school" (He empties out the fridge every day after school!)

My expected response from Beaver: "OMG Mom!  I can't believe you remembered how much I loved that bread!!!!  And took time out of your lunch break to buy me some.  You are the greatest....ever."

Beaver's actual response: "K" 


Ok, maybe the exclamation marks were too much to expect.  But "K"....that's all?  I have to answer phones and my 16 - almost 17 year old - son won't get a little excited when his momma buys him pepperoni bread.  Fine then!


Be kind.  Pass me a glass please.....