Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well look who went and left their blog unattended for 6 months!  Wow!  Has it been that long, really? That's half a year. HALF A YEAR!   Who goes off to Italy and doesn't keep up with their blog?  Apparently I do.  And I've been BUSY.  VERY BUSY! Yes, I know.  Whatever.  I have no excuse really.  I blame it on Crackbook Fbook.  They make it so easy to put your thoughts out there and for me to see what all of you are doing.......all in one place!  But.....

Sometimes I still like the anonymity from the blog.  And on the Fbook, they know it's you. Of course many of you also "know" me on Fbook, because you are my "friend" on there too! There's no hiding! And really, I don't want to hide.  Every now and then I'd like to be able to do or say something without one of my friends...or coworkers...or family knowing.  You know....just cut loose without worrying what someone is going to think. 

So, I'm back.  For awhile anyway.  It's been an awesome 6 months.  In a nutshell....here's a sorta "Top Ten Things That June's Done"     ***drumroll please***

  1. Met her 21 year old nephew for the very first time! (That's a whole post all on it's own and she will fill you in later!)
  2. Flew half way around the world* to visit her sister in Italy and saw the Vatican.  Saw the beginning of mass at the Vatican, sung in Latin, and it brought tears to her eyes. 
  3. Learned to make pasta, from the sister that she flew half way around the world* to see. 
  4. Got her tubes tied.  She knows - not that exciting for you.  But for her?  It's awesome.  41 years old and no longer on the pill.  Big whoot-whoot!
  5. Lost 12 lbs.  Due to #4.  Finally getting off that damn pill has helped.  She thinks.  She's hoping.  (That's also whole 'nother post)
  6. Finally came to the realization that life isn't perfect and you will never MAKE it perfect.  No matter how hard you try.  And it only took 41 years to learn this and to let go of whole boatload of frustration.  Still working on dealing with the "imperfections", but smiling a lot more about them. And she didn't pay for therapy to figure this out.  At least not in the sense of "come sit on my couch and tell me your story".  Turns out wine therapy is very good for self revelation.  Who knew?  Yea, sure she's a wine lush.  But now, since #2 happened, she's a classier lush...and only drinks from a bottle.  WITH A CORK, no less.  La-ti-da!
  7. Saw her nephews (not the same one mentioned in #1) for the first time since her mother died.  That's been 8 years.  A very long 8 years.  Never, ever, ever thought she would see them again.
  8. Found out that the Chief that the city council and mayor hired over Ward, didn't last a year.  That brought a smile to her face as she realized they were in a much better place.  Ward's bringing home a nice paycheck from a job that he absolutely loves and collecting a nice retirement check - and no longer has any of the political bullshit to deal with.  It brought a REALLY big smile to her face. 
  9. She's getting a pool installed.  She'll let that one sink in for awhile, and come back to that.  It still hasn't sunken in with her.  (Ooo her skills with the English language are quite impressive.  No?)
  10. Took Beaver to get his senior pictures.  Yes, he's a senior this year. She's going to need lots of wine therapy in the coming months.  Let's face it, even after all these things have happened, we're still talking about June here.  The lady that likes to trip the light fantastic and waiver a lil too close to the edge!
And so....what have you been up to?

PS  I only make reference to flying half way around the world to see my sister, because they are now stateside.  And the little twit had the nerve to go and see her in-laws....and didn't come to see me.  So, I'm giving her shit!  Ev-e-ry.chance.I.get!!!


Shana said...

SOOOOOOOO nice to read something from you!!!!!!!!!!

Becca said...

OMG I am so glad that you are back! You sure do brighten up the place! Have missed you while you were gone! Now please post all about the younguns senior year, and how you are dealing with it..I can live vicariously through you..as for me? I am dealing with ugly woman things too, but will have minor surgery on the 7th of Sept to hopefully fix that..have I said I am glad that you are back?

Nadine Hightower said...

That's a lot to happen in 6 months! I've seen the photos of the pool and I'm so happy for you.

I think it's funny that the guy they hired has already left town. I'm smiling with you!